Wisdom Tool in the meeting

In celebration of a Year of success and achievement — 2017, Wisdom Tool (Neway) held an annual meeting and party in “Hai lan yun tian” Hot spring resort last weekend.

The meeting was held in the afternoon, unlike the old days, this time, every manager had a precise “15 minute” period to accomplish a speech, every speech was made briefly but filled with practical data.

In the past 2017, “Neway” — parent company of “Wisdom Tool“, has made a wonderful sales volume over $30 million USD, which has been increasing stably these years.

Mr. Tang Zhi, Managing Director of “Wisdom Tool”, made an inspirational speech expressing his confidence in the new following “Year of Dog”, and shared few stories of with his customers that amazed all of us .

Afterwards guests were lead up to the banquet hall for a meal, the wine we drank was all imported by our own which was full of joy and pride.

After dinner, we were divided into two groups, one went for playing mahjong, the other went for the hot spring bath. Both activities are featured in our City —  “Chongqing”

Overall, the meeting and evening was a great success, we would like to thank all colleagues who attended and all our customers who help us achieve such amazing success. We wish everyone a meaningful 2018 !

Mr. Tang Zhi making a speech